Monday, November 1, 2010

Drupal 6 ecommerce course

Learn how to sell tangible goods, downloadable products or subscriptions/memberships with Drupal and Ubercart.

Drupal eCommerce, written by experienced technical author David Mercer (Building powerful and robust website with Drupal 6, Drupal 7), is designed to give you a comprehensive practical introduction to creating and operating any type of ecommerce website.

What you will learn:

Install and configure UberCart
Create and add physical or downloadable products
Product variations with attributes and features
Payment capture
Fulfilment and order management
Advanced features


The course focusses on practical, real world knowledge with an abundance of insights and valuable information to turn you into an adaptable and confident ecommerce webmaster. Split nominally into four main sections, the course will discuss how to:
1. install and configure UberCart
2. create and manage any type of product (including tangible, downloadable and subscription/membership products)
3. fulfil orders by capturing payments and handling shipping
4. implement advanced features like recurring payments, discounts, affiliates and product kits
The course is integrated with the Web so that readers can effortlessly navigate between the course and online quizzes, practicals and exercises.

Who's it for

This course is designed for people who want to set up an ecommerce website of any sort. It assumes the reader already has a Drupal 6 website installed on their own PC or web server. However, we offer a complimentary Drupal installation and setup course for people who don't.

Table of contents

* Preface
* Introduction
* Installation
* Configuration
* Shipping
* Tax
* Products
* Classes
* Attributes and Options
* Features and Adjustments
* Catalog
* Fulfilment
* Payments
* Shipping
* Advanced
* Summary
* Recommended Reading

If you're interested in reviewing this course, please contact me directly or via the Site prebuilder website ( Please be sure to mention the online (or offline) resource you intend to write the review for.

Ultimately, this course represents the start of a series of short, focussed professional courses that will empower Drupal users to learn what they want when they want in a practical, efficient and cost effective manner. I aim to turn this concept into a great resource for the Drupal community so if you think you can help out or support it in anyway - get in touch. I'd be happy to discuss it...

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