Thursday, November 25, 2010

Install Drupal in another language

Manual Drupal 7 setup

To install and use Drupal in a language other than English without additional module requirements:
See if a translation of this Drupal version is available in your language of choice on the translation server. Not all languages are available for every version of Drupal, but if yours is available, follow these steps to install Drupal in your language:
  1. Download the language file from the translation server.
  2. Rename the downloaded file retaining only the language code at the end of the file name and its extension. For example, if the file name is rename it to pt-br.po
  3. Create a directory named translations inside the directory of the profile you will be using. This is most likely inside profiles/standard.
  4. Move the renamed .po file inside the translations folder you just created.
  5. Install Drupal as per usual by visiting

Automating installation and updates

Once you start to add modules and a theme to the site, downloading and keeping translations updated manually can be tedious. It is suggested that instead you start off with the Localized Drupal installation profile or adapt the Localization update module to keep yourself updated.

Legacy translation downloads

You might find documentation mentioning as the source for Drupal translations. These projects only cover Drupal core and are packaged differently to the files available from The new files and sources are better in many ways, so we are/were continually migrating to use only. It is suggested you look at as the primary source of language translations.

Drupal 5 and 6

See: How to install a different language

Drupal language resources

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