Thursday, November 4, 2010

Installing Video Module

Required and Enhancement Modules for Video Module
At its core, the Video module is a field and handler for CCK; it enhances CCK and Filefield to provide video uploading, video transcoding (local ffmpeg default), video thumbnail creation and selection; and choice of playback method per format.
Additional features for Video module include: Zencoder transcoding integration, Amazon S3 integration and attaching FTP'd file to nodes.
Other modules which Video module integrates with are; SWF Tools and Flowplayer (use these if you need more video player options).


* CCK (
* Filefield (


* Amazon S3 on Video (included in Video module)
* Zencoder API on Video (included in Video module)
* Video FTP (included in Video module)
* FFMPEG Wrapper (
* SWF Tools (
* Flowplayer API (

Once you have installed and configured CCK, Filefield and video player (optional) you can then install Video module from the module administration page (Administer > Site building > Modules).

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