Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Drupal Community e-book

Some people use Drupal for a long time before having direct interaction with this community. These folks might be unaware that the community is out there, or of the benefits of having a good relationship with it.
In this chapter, we'll introduce the community and give some suggestions for how to interact with it (and get support) to get the best results for you and your website(s). First, let's start by sharing some basic information about the community. Then we'll talk about finding support. We'll end with some suggestions of ways that you (yes, you!) can say thanks to the Drupal community for the help and free software.


  • A glance at the community
  • Using Drupal.org and Groups.Drupal.org to Get Answers
  • Finding the Best Contributed Modules
  • Drupal Community Values
  • Be Thankful
  • Drinking from the fire hose
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Source: http://www.masteringdrupal.com/

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