Friday, December 3, 2010

Zend Studio Configuration for CVS

Configuring Zend Studio for Eclipse for Drupal CVS CLICK HERE

Configuring Zend Studio for Drupal CVS

First we need to configure Zend studio to work with CVS. For this document I am referencing Zend Studio Enterprize 5.5.0

Tools -> Preferences -> Source Control
  • Path to CVS should be something like:
    C:\Program Files\Zend\ZendStudio-5.5.0\bin\SourceControl\cvs\cvs.exe
  • CVS_RSH Environment Variable can be 'ssh' if you want to operate securely, or blank should be fine
  • set other options as desired
To CHECKOUT code (get code from the Drupal CVS repository)

Tools -> CVS -> Checkout
  • CVS Root for contrib:
  • CVS Root for Drupal:
  • Module Name: something like contributions/modules/module_name
  • Working Directory: Browse to the directory you want to hold the checked out files and directories
  • Revision: set to STICKY TAG from
To COMMIT code
  • You must use a Drupal CVS username/pass instead of anonymous:anonymous above
  • CVS commands are only available from the Project space, so you must create a new project: Project -> New Project
  • Enter a Project Name
  • Click Next and Add Path to select your working directory
  • Click Finish
  • Now from the project tab you should see your working directory
  • CVS commands are now available by right clicking a file in the project window and going to the CVS menu
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