Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gospel Music Channel - watchgmctv.com

Headquartered in Atlanta, the Gospel Music Channel (gmc) is a channel that features uplifting music and entertainment, including specials, movies and series that the whole family can enjoy. gmc is the only TV network with every program certified as family safe by the Parents Television Council. DIRECTV, Verizon FiOS, and local cable systems bring gmc into roughly 50 million homes across the country. The brand boasts such popular shows as Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Highway to Heaven, Promised Land, Sister Sister, Early Edition and Amen. The website receives about 750,000 monthly page views from 250,000 unique visitors.
The channel recently launched a full site redesign in conjunction with an upgrade from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. The project team from Mediacurrent would like to share some of what they've learned from the design and build of the site with the Drupal community.


The old gmc site was in need of an aesthetic and architecture facelift. In 2009, the company added uplifting movies and series to its program offerings to better service viewers looking for faith and family-friendly entertainment. The old site had a limited social media strategy and the design’s navigation prevented it from optimally interacting and engaging visitors. During the discovery and strategic planning phases of the project there were several objectives that were established. The goals included:
  1. Upgrading the current Drupal 5 site to Drupal 6: The idea of jumping to Drupal 7 was discussed, but was determined to be too risky given many of the unknowns related to key contributed modules.
  2. Branding makeover: The gmc executive team wanted a more modern, contemporary website redesign that reinforced the brand’s expansion to beyond music. gmc's content has been expanding into originally produced movies and plays.
  3. Create a more immersive customer experience: The new site needed to integrate more social media and networking calls to action in order to bump registered users on the site. Thus, usability was at top of mind when planning functionality for the new site.
  4. Effectively integrating third-party tools: There were a number of applications being piecemealed on the old site that needed to be unified with Drupal-based solutions.
  5. Content import: There were large amounts of new assets (3100+ files, 2700+ nodes, and 2200+ taxonomy terms) that needed to be migrated over. During the rebuild, leveraging the core taxonomy system to build rich associations for relevant content was a major desire.
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