Monday, October 17, 2011

Docs Team 3rd Quarter 2011 update

Hello from Jennifer and Ariane, your friendly Drupal Documentation Team co-leads! It’s time for a quarterly update on what’s happening in the Documentation Team—we've been working on some major restructuring of documentation and the Docs Team since our last update (June 28, 2011), and we'd like to get you up to date on our plans, and other events and news.

Docs restruction

The big news for this quarter is that we are in the midst of some restructuring of the online Drupal documentation, as well as of the Documentation Team itself. Nothing has been completely settled yet, but here is an outline of our plans, reasoning, and links to more information and where you can get involved in the discussion.

Community documentation

The main issue we need to resolve is that the current online documentation on is way too overwhelming for one coordinator to manage. Having one coordinator is a single point of failure, and has led to several past Docs Team leaders getting burned out and leaving the post.

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