Thursday, December 29, 2011

What's Coming In 2011 Open Source CMS

Normally in this space we look back over the current month and forward into the next month, keeping you up to date with the open source CMS and other related projects that might interest you. Like last year, we're taking a look back at 2011 and into 2012 for some extra insights into what's to come.

Plans for 2012

Many of our questions centered around plans for 2012. When asked about geographical growth targets for the next year, North America (79% of respondents) and Europe (84% of respondents) were the two highest priority areas by far. The largest medium priority targets were South America (61% of respondents), Asia Pacific/Oceania (53% of respondents), and the Middle East (42% of respondents).
In particular after establishing their European headquarters in Amsterdam in July 2011, DotNetNuke expects to grow their commercial business in Europe at a faster pace than North America in 2012. Alfresco specifically identified Japan, India and Australia as high priority.
When asked how they plan to enhance their products, the highest priority objectives each at 58% of respondents were:
  • Better Mobile Device and/or Multi-Channel Support
  • Improve General Usability
  • Cloud Support
Other high priority targets at 50% of respondents were Additional APIs / Integration / Platform Features and SaaS Options. Alfresco specifically identified mobile (especially tablet) and the Cloud as their highest priorities, including usability and performance as related to Cloud and SaaS.
When asked specifically what the top two goals are for their projects in 2012, 14 respondents answered:
  • Alfresco: Become a key enabler of enterprise tablet rollouts and offer a successful Cloud service that connects to the Enterprise.
  • Composite C1: Make web CMS more popular via SaaS and "starter wizards," and become the most chosen .NET open source CMS when evaluated by web professionals.
  • DotNetNuke: Social collaboration and deeper Cloud integration.
  • Drupal: Mobile and Drupal distributions (vertical solutions).
  • eZ Publish: Achieve an outstanding user experience "in all dimensions," and enhanced interoperability as a content platform.
  • Hippo: Integrate Apache Rave (a new web and social mashup engine) into Hippo CMS, and add context-aware personalization focused on multichannel behavioral targeting, monitoring, conversion and reporting.
  • HWIOS: Abstract HWIOS into a smaller, easy-to-use library, and create several independent high quality applications around this library.
  • Jahia: Offer a collaboration feature as JahiApp, and add additional mobile and multichannel integration.
  • mojoPortal: Expand adoption and create more add-on products to build revenue.
  • Nuxeo: Broaden adoption and distribution, and offer Nuxeo as a Platform as a Service (PaaS).
  • ocPortal: Continue to lower barriers to building sophisticated websites, and make management of sophisticated websites easy, safe, and fun for small businesses.
  • Umbraco: Release Umbraco version 5 and Umbraco as a service.
  • WeWebU: Achieve broader adoption.
  • XOOPS: Refactor the core framework and update it for PHP 5.4, and consolidate existing modules to convert them to a standard GUI.
We also asked whether the projects anticipated making changes to their development process, or their organization, in 2012. Among the 15 who answered the question, 60% said yes, with many offering explanations:

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