Monday, April 16, 2012

Digital Asset Management for Enterprise Intranets

Digital Asset Management is a specialist sub-set of Content Management, one which has developed along it's own evolutionary past. It has grown out of the needs of the traditional publishing industry to manage photographic images for print publications, and developed into an adjunct of web content management to manage still images, video and audio files as "rich media" content for web sites and other media.
In some cases, such as at a large distance learning University I worked at in the U.K., all content that is pulled together for "publication" as part of a production process is referred to as a "digital asset," including textual content (in the form of XML), with the aim of reaching that content management nirvana of "create once — publish many" by re-purposing the assets to customize the content for a particular media.

Just as an example, while using the CMS Wire content management system to write this article, I went to the "insert picture" facility which allowed me to browse all the images that have been previously uploaded, and choose the graphic above from Open Text. The facility allows me to see some metadata such as file size and also a thumbnail image of the graphic.

Obviously this is a simplistic use case, which in the Open Text DAM world view as shown above, fits into the right hand side of the graphic as "media use" example.

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