Thursday, May 24, 2012

Drupal Developers Expertise Helps Business to Be Competitive

Fremont based global technology services company DCKAP announced today it has up-shifted its Drupal development service keeping in pace with surging market growth.
Drupal 7, the advanced version of Drupal, has features like Better HTML5, Better mobile support, Improved multilingual features, Setting up Drupal 7 on a modern web development framework. Drupal experts can build the most effective and customized business web applications. Drupal is a widely used content management system (CMS) well suited for web applications of any kind from web logs (blogs) and micro sites to collaborative social communities. The versatile platform for Drupal development now comes with a new user interface, accessibility improvements, powerful image handling capabilities, support for rich content metadata, security features, scalability and database interoperability enhancements and automated tests to ensure stability.
Drupal 7 releases before 7.12 contained a bug which prevented the use of custom menus. Because the Menu Block module provided a workaround for this bug as it added dependency to this module. With the release of Drupal 7.12 and Menu Block 2.3, the bug was successfully removed. Upgrading the existing Drupal 7 and 6 sites is however strongly recommended.
DCKAP Drupal developer team, using Drupal 7, 7.12 has successfully completed and delivered a diverse range of Drupal web applications for business, for its various clients,. DCKAP’s Drupalprogrammers now work from the new fully equipped development center and also on client site as required. 
Drupal is an excellent choice of a Content management system for any business site. A Drupal site built by an expert Drupal programmer can easily grow and expand to suit the needs of any business as the business expands. It gives the business owner complete control over content on the site.
Developing effective business applications requires specialized expertise in the technologies. For a business considering contracting a Drupal development company or a Drupal developer/ Drupal programmer, it would be of great significance to select the right Drupal developer resources and setting out the specifications with clarity and completeness.

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