Thursday, December 9, 2010

Drupal For Facebook Application Recipes

Building Facebook Applications can be a complicated process. We couldn't possibly write a one-size-fits-all description of how to configure all apps. So, in this section we describe a few commonly-required features and how to implement them with Drupal for Facebook.

Begin with the general installation and setup. Then, follow the instructions here to implement additional features.

Note: In general, if you plan on creating any kind of Facebook application (which we assume you are!), you must enable the fb_app.module (listed as Drupal for Facebook Applications in /sites/all/modules) and fb_user.module (Drupal for Facebook User Management).

To support applications beyond simple social plugins, you must enable clean URLs by going to admin/settings/clean-urls on your site. If you don't, some links that Drupal creates will not work properly on FB Application (canvas) pages.

To support Drupal websites integrating FB features (FB Connect), enable the fb_connect.module.

To support FB Application (Canvas) pages, enable the fb_canvas.module.

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