Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Using Drupal Creating patches with Eclipse

Please review this useful article at that includes instructions on creating a cvs patch while in Eclipse. It says:

Creating a patch

In the synchronise view, right click on an item (file or folder) and choose Create Patch.... Or in the navigator, right click on an item and choose Team -> Create Patch....

This brings up a two-page wizard. On the first page you can select where you want the patch made. For small patches it can be useful to create them on the clipboard, but normally you will want to save them in a file.

On the second page, use Unified diff format, and set the patch root most likely to your (Eclipse) project -- assuming you set up your Eclipse projects by core installs (6.18, 6.19, etc) and contrib/custom modules.

If you are creating a patch to post to an issue queue, it is common practice to name your patch file with the node id of the issue along with a word or two for context. This make it much easier to refer back to the issue after the patch has been applied.

There is a corresponding apply patch wizard that you can use to apply a patch to a project.

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