Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tips for a great project page

Project pages should be helpful; there are literally thousands of modules, themes and installation profiles and site builders need a clear way to understand what your project does.

A great writeup about what to include in your project page is Module owners: How to make your module description useful by lisarex. Lisa suggests you include these sections in your project page:
  • Overview
    What does the project do? What problem does it solve? Who is the intended audience?
  • Features
    A bulleted list of features to help people quickly figure out if it's useful to them.
  • Requirements
    Describe required PHP version, link to required modules and any other extraordinary items or steps needed to install or use.
  • Known problems
    Be upfront about any known problems, bugs, etc. Link to active issues regarding those problems. Tip: use [#nnn] syntax and Drupal.org will automatically link to the issues and show their current status inside the node body.
  • Tutorials
  • Pledges
  • Credits
  • Recommended modules
  • Similar projects
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Source:  http://drupal.org

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