Friday, April 22, 2011

Docs Team spring 2011 update

Hello from Jennifer and Ariane, your friendly Drupal Documentation Team co-leads! It’s time for another quarterly update on what’s happening in the Documentation Team—a lot has been going on since our last update (December 24, 2010), and we’d like to take this time to review the past quarter, talk a bit about the future, and let you know how to get involved! (Be sure not to miss the info at the very end about the April 2011 month-long documentation sprint priorities!)

Long-term goals and vision

People have been asking us about the long-term goals and vision of the Documentation Team lately. We’ve outlined some goals for the next year or so, but as of yet, we haven’t really articulated anything out farther than that. Rest assured, we will be thinking about longer-term goals and vision soon, but as new Documentation Team leads, we are currently still trying to get the basics taken care of and assess where we are and what resources we have for changing directions. That said, we do have some overarching goals:
  • Make the documentation more complete and more accurate.
  • Make it easier for users of all levels to navigate the documentation.
  • Facilitate documentation work, so more people can help and those who are already helping want to continue.
If you have ideas about what our longer-term goals and vision should be, please start a discussion on - we’d love to hear your ideas!

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