Monday, April 25, 2011

Facebook-style Statuses

This is the documentation for the 3.x branch of the Facebook-style Statuses module, which provides each user with a microblog where they can write what they're doing, how they feel, or anything they want.


One block is provided by default: the Facebook-style Statuses block, which shows a form to create a new status message as well as (optionally) a view of the latest status updates.
Additionally, the default Views provided by the module add several blocks.


  • Edit and delete pages are provided for users with permission to edit and delete statuses.
  • Conversation pages are generated when users exchange status messages.
  • There is a page for each status at /statuses/SID where SID is the Status ID.
  • A page at the URL /statuses/share contains a status update form which can be pre-filled with the "s" parameter in the URL, like /statuses/share?s=test. Read more about the share-status page here.
  • The /statuses/announce page allows administrators to broadcast a status message to all users at once.
  • Other pages listing status updates are available with the Views module installed.

Module Integration

Facebook-style Statuses integrates with a large number of modules. Many of these modules also integrate with other modules, creating a wide range of possibilities for what you can accomplish with Facebook-style Statuses.

Also check out the modules that extend FBSS.

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