Monday, August 1, 2011

Facebook-style Statuses: Submodules

Facebook-style Statuses has several submodules specifically for integration with other modules:
  • Activity: Record activity messages for various status-related events.
  • Domain: Allows posting status messages to specific domains or all domains controlled by the Domain Access module.
  • Flag: Flag status updates. A "like" flag is built in.
  • Mollom: Allows screening status updates to prevent spam.
  • Notifications: Allows receiving notifications via email or other methods when status updates or comments on status updates that are relevant to you are posted.
  • Pathauto: Allows automatically setting nice URL aliases for individual status pages.
  • Rules: Allows performing various actions on status-related events, and performing status-related actions on various events.
  • Services: Allows third-party services to CRUD status messages (making third-party apps possible).
  • Twitter: Allows posting status messages directly to Twitter.
  • Userpoints: Allows awarding points to users when they take status-related actions.
FBSS also integrates with many other modules without using separate modules for them. Integration with the above modules is more complicated and usually requires separate settings or default configurations.
Additionally, FBSS has three submodules that provide extra features:
  • Tags: Allows using #hashtags and @mentions in status updates.
  • Comments: Allows commenting on status updates.
  • Privacy: Allows users to send private status messages to each other.

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