Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trends in Content Management Systems

In an effort to cater to customer needs, content programs are changing in new ways thus creating new trends.

Content management systems were developed to make publishing content on a website easy through streamlined automation. However, as content management systems become more complicated, users are realizing that these systems are capable of more than just posting web content. In an effort to cater to customer needs, content programs are changing in new ways thus creating new trends. 

The Four Developing Trends
There are four developing trends in the content management system industry that are furthering along software advances. These include:
  •  Merge of Themes with Extensions
  • Interoperability
  • RDFa
  • Market Fracturing

    Merge of Themes with Extensions
    Although the merge of themes with extensions has been slowing developing for many years, the industry is at the point where the combination makes applications run much more smoothly. Design is melting with functionality resulting in there being less of a chance of a content management system becoming too disjointed during development and in the eyes of the end-user. 

    As cloud-based computing and semantic architectures become more widely used, interoperability is becoming more feasible. Users demand that websites interact and are compatible with one another. Internet users want to be able to log in with accounts created on other sites and thus access data from other sites within a specific web page. This creates an actual web of content versus a series of tunnels. 

    Another trend is the creation of programs that automate exactly how data is being structured. Drupal recently launched RDFa into their primary source code so any site running Drupal 7 will be able to take advantage of the flexibility of the new code. Other content management systems are create extensions that automate data structuring. More businesses will take advantage of semantic crawlers and easier organization. 

    Market Fracturing
    Finally, as themes and extensions become one, talented web designers will begin building their own content management systems. Designers will need to be knowledgeable in design and function. Therefore, once designers realize the amount of potential behind the combination of cloud and semantic architectures, the market will become fractured.

    The noticeable trend amongst content management systems is the merging of all aspects to truly create a world wide web. Improving code and automating specific functions will certainly further develop this trend in future platforms. Content management systems are continuously developing projects that help to expand the Internet while further connecting its users to one another.


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    1. Yes, in fact, four! RDFa/ semantic crawlers are especially hot!

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