Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rooms: Travel Market Solution in Drupal-7

Drupal Rooms is a booking and room management solution for hotels, vacation rentals and B&Bs

August 10, 2011

Drupal Rooms is a solution for the travel market.

It is a booking and room management solution for hotels, vacation rentals and B&Bs. Rooms is being developed as Drupal 7 only solution.
Drupal Rooms allows an accommodation owner to:
  • Create rooms and assign availability (or on hold states) via a calendar.
  • Define seasons and assigned prices for rooms based on seasons.
  • Create bookings and keep customer records.
  • Make rooms available for booking with a availability search functionality and/ or calendar - handling both immediate bookings and bookings following owner confirmation. 


    The aim of Drupal Rooms is to make Drupal the go-to platform for building a hotel, bed and breakfast, or vacation rental site. Drupal offers a host of powerful features (media management, social media integration, multi-lingual support, commerce, and others) and the aim is to integrate all those in a package that suits and empowers accommodation owners.

    The first step towards that path is resolving the booking issue itself and development on the Rooms module is moving forward at a good pace. Rooms will offer an easy way for accommodation owners to set up rooms, define pricing rules across many variables, as well as accept and manage bookings and payments directly on their website.

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