Monday, November 7, 2011

Drupal 8 progress to date

  • Canvassed both large Acquia customers as well as the wider Drupal community to identify key strategic initiatives for Drupal 8.
  • Identified “initiative owners” to take point on each of these, and to spread out responsibility/authority among more than just 1-2 people (from Acquia ;)).
    • Greg Dunlap: Configuration Management
    • Larry Garfield: Web Services
    • Jeff Burnz: Design
    • Jacine Luisi: HTML 5
    • Gábor Hojtsy: Multilingual
    • John Wilkins: Mobile
  • Most initiatives have bi-weekly IRC meetings announced at to provide status updates/assign tasks.
  • Configuration management
        • Content: UUID patch committed which allows unique identifiers to allow for content staging.
      • Next step is refactoring entities to use it.
    • Config: Developed architecture that allows for saving buttons in the admin interface to automatically generate XML files holding configuration data. These can then be moved around with version control. The system intends to replace variable_get/set as well as import/export functionality in Views, Image Styles, etc.
  • Initial prototype code at
  • Recent sprint at BADCamp with yched, sun, davidstrauss, etc. to talk about how CMI can work with fields in core.
  • Trying to get a couple of pages in core done as “proof of concept”, then initial core patch will follow.
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