Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DRUPAL Developments: Recent Happenings in the Drupal World

Open Media Foundation (OMF) augments its Drupal resources Open Media Foundation (OMF) is embarking on a third phase of the project to help bring the vision of a collaborative Public Access TV network forward. Adam Mordecai joins OMF as new Director of Special Projects, accompanied by Joe Meersman, a Drupal developer who has been developing nonprofit websites in Drupal for the past year through OMF's Internship Program. Adam and Joe join a strong team of developers at the Open Media Foundation, dedicated to putting the power of media and technology in the hands of the people. 

Demand Availability Gap for Drupal Programmer Talent There is a large and increasing market demand for qualified Drupal programmers, Drupal developers and Drupal designers due to growing adoption of the open source social publishing platform, according a press release in marketwatch. Despite a tough economic climate, demand for the Drupal programmer has never been greater, with the job aggregation site indeed[dot]com reporting nearly 3,000 open positions for those with Drupal skills, says the release. Stephanie Birdsall of Arizona State University is reported as saying that there is a real need in the marketplace for training college graduates in Drupal. As a school that heavily invested in Drupal for hundreds of websites, they would like to see the next generation of Drupal programmers, to ensure that Drupal continues to be a robust and well-supported platform. 

Drupal 8 CMS to be based on components from PHP frameworks Drupal, the CMS behind millions of websites, including whitehouse[dot]gov, is getting a core infrastructure overhaul to optimize its code base. Drupal developers decided to go with an existing open source solution instead of creating a new project. CMSWire, quoting Drupal creator Dries Buytaert, reported on Nov 9, 2011, that Drupal will (continue to) use components from PHP frameworks -- not necessarily limited to Symfony2. Symfony components are standalone reusable PHP classes. The quality and the numerous possibilities offered by the different Symfony2 components tipped the balance in favor of collaboration between the two communities, according to an announcement. The Drupal community is one of the more active, better-known open source communities. 

Drupal Themes
Major changes are on the way for Drupal 8 Drupal 8 CMS is set for major changes, with respect to themes, templates, forms and elements and focus on HTML5, according to a Nov 9, 2011 report on CMSWire. Most of the templates and theme functions are to be revamped. Drupal 8 will be implementing new form input types and elements to convert Drupal to HTML5. Other core initiatives for Drupal 8 include an improved process for designing Drupal themes and improved Drupal core support for using multiple languages for content, structure and interface. Drupal 8 is also expected to be more mobile-friendly, with responsive themes and improved front-end performance. 

DrupalCon Denver Scholarship Deadline is Here! An announcement on drupal news said the deadline to apply for scholarships for DrupalCon in Denver is here -- anyone who has not yet applied can do so online until November 18, 2011 midnight Mountain Time. The DrupalCon Denver scholarship program allows community members who would otherwise not be able to attend DrupalCon to benefit from the DrupalCon experience as the Drupal Community benefits from each scholar's attendance. All those seriously into Drupal development read about the eligibility requirements and get the link to the online form by visiting DrupalCon Denver's Scholarship webpage at denver2012.drupalscholarships. 

Dries Buytaert Looks East for Drupal Experts Drupal is doing extremely well in North America and in Europe, Drupal founder Dries Buytaert said last week at the Drupal Singapore meeting at Plug-in@Blk71 speaking to delegates from Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. (Dries then visited India as well). He said there are hundreds of Drupal firms, all facing the same problem -- finding more Drupal talent. According to Dries, Drupal is doing so well that the lack of Drupal expertise is actually the main thing that is holding Drupal back in the Western world. That is where Dries sees a big opportunity for any country in the world to create pools of Drupal talent. He said wherever you happen to be based in the world, if you are a Drupal expert, you can make money -- probably a lot of money, if you are good. 

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