Monday, November 21, 2011

Drupal Learning Curve in One Page

This page is written to help new drupal users to overcome the drupal learning curve in a snap! I will update this page as I learn Drupal.

This page is developed based on information on and elsewhere in the net. External links to videos and drupal site is provided for additional informations.
  1. What is Drupal: Understand the system and unleash its potential
  2. Install on your PC to test drive
  3. Drupal Installation / Distribution Profiles to Jumpstart your full featured Drupal Site
  4. Drupal Information: Quick Links
  5. Learn Drupal: Drupal basics and terminology
  6. Learn Drupal: Core Modules and 50+ Example Contributed Modules
  7. Learn Drupal: How to find your set of Modules, Some Tips
  8. Learn Drupal: Steps to build your site
  9. Learn Drupal: Learns important modules - Views, Panels, CCK
  10. Learn Drupal: Site structure and Layout using Taxonomy, Panels, Views, Menus, Blocks, Themes
  11. Learn Drupal: Advanced Topic: CCK Node Reference v/s Taxonomy
  12. Learn Drupal: Advanced Topic: Custom Content Type using CCK. Enhance with Views, Panels
  13. Learn Drupal: Advanced Topic: Custom Panel Page or Theme for Content Type
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